Solar and Wind

Beyond the tipping point: Is solar and wind enough for our...

As more solar and wind enter the energy market, it spells good news for our air, water and health but why is it happening? Eaton explores the tipping point.
world economic forum on africa

Counting on the WEF on Africa to be powerful

Ed's note: Will the gathered leaders find consensus and deliver some solutions from this year's World Economic Forum on Africa taking place in Cape Town?
African Development Fund

How energy can work better for Africans, Billions at Play

African economies are undergoing a transformative period and Africans capable to the continent successful, writes NJ Ayuk in his book - Billions at Play.

Rwanda tops global ratings in macroeconomic management

In terms of macroeconomic management, Rwanda continues to top the CPIA ratings both in Africa and around the globe with a score of 4.0.

Zambia must use renewable natural resource to revive its economy

Zambia's economic growth is forecast to weaken to 2.5% in 2019, unless the country take advantage of its renewable natural resource to revive its economy.

Why Sierra Leone’s macroeconomic situation remains challenging

Sierra Leone’s macroeconomic situation remains challenging despite the bold and courageous policy measures taken by the new government.
Sierra Leone’s macroeconomic situation

Africa pledges to deliver a sustainable Blue Economy

The prospect of a fully sustainable Blue Economy for Africa gathered significant momentum following the second Africa Blue Economy Forum held in Tunis.

Will a special bill save South Africa’s Eskom?

President Cyril Ramaphosa, has pledged the support of his administration towards Eskom stressing that the utility is vital to the South African economy.

Big shift on how companies view volatility and debt

South African companies are conservative when it comes to debt, as the economy toughens many are looking at lending options to withstand volatility.
African Development Fund

Effects of China-America trade war haunt undiversified African economies

Africa's undiversified economies will come under pressure as current account balances deteriorate, currencies come under strain, prices go up and central banks push up interest rates.

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