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African Free Trade Area

Op-ed: Reopening African economies in the ‘new normal’

In the midst of reopening African economies, governments face extreme choices on how best to deal with this procedure to ensure lives and protect vocations.

Anti-corruption crusader Plo Lumumba to open landmark event

Professor of Law and anti-corruption crusader, Patrick Loch Otieno (PLO) Lumumba, is the keynote speaker at the upcoming Africa Supply Chain in Action event to take place on 19 and 20 August.
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IFC assists SMEs in Nigeria to navigate economic challenges

IFC is providing a $50 million loan to Access Bank to help the bank increase liquidity to thousands of SMEs in Nigeria which are navigating the economic challenges of COVID-19.
North Africa

North Africa: Economic growth negatively impacted by COVID-19

According to North Africa Economic Outlook report, the rapidity with which economic and other restrictions are being lifted in the region are raising uncertainty.
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IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit to focus on economic recovery

The IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit on 9 July, will focus on economic recovery plans that will put the world on path to sustainable recovery.

Policies to reopen economies will influence Africa’s growth outlook

The African Economic Outlook 2020 – Supplement states that the growth outlook for 2021 and beyond would depend on policies to reopen economies.
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Unpacking the green economic recovery in South Africa

GreenCape's Market Intelligence Reports reveal a range of opportunities currently emerging in the South Africa greentech sector, boosting the green economy.

South Africa to adopt a zero-budgeting approach, Mboweni reveals

South Africa's Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced a zero-budgeting approach on programmes that the country can no longer afford.

South Africa prioritises infrastructure investment to revive economy

The Coronavirus pandemic has made infrastructure investment even more compelling, and more urgent, says the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Sustainable Recovery Plan offers opportunity to reboot economies, says IEA

Governments across the world will have to take a series of actions over the next three years to revitalise economies and boost employment, says the IEA.

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