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Moody’s downgrades 5 SA municipalities as revenue collection declines

International ratings agency, Moody's Investors Service, recently took rating actions on five South African Regional and Local Governments (RLGs) and one Government-Related Issuer (GRI).
water stewardship

Coca-Cola prioritises water stewardship efforts in South Africa

Since the beginning of 2021, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages has been working with local municipalities in water-stressed regions, leading relief water operations to assist communities.
Brazilian currency

Brazilian electricity prices under pressure due to low rainfall

Low annual rainfall in Brazil is restricting hydroelectric production, putting electricity prices under pressure and causing the need for more expensive thermoelectric power.
Niger climate change

Niger: $5.6 million from AfDB to deal with climate change

The AfDB will disburse $5,6 million to Niger to implement its Africa Disaster Risk Management Funding Programme (ADRiFi).
water master plan

Water master plan to guard against drought in South Africa

SA's water master plan outlines a series of urgent steps to be taken and implemented in order to address systematic and infrastructural challenges.
Risk management.

If no one dies, the risk is acceptable

ESI Africa published a quick risk management poll on Twitter that addressed the catchphrase "if no one dies, the risk is acceptable". 71% disagreed.
prepaid water meters

City of Cape Town invites public comments to draft water strategy

The City of Cape Town’s Draft Water Strategy is open for public comments and recommendations, which outlines plan to ensure water security.
water resources

Africa’s water resources in peril

“Africa is neck deep in the quagmire of the effects of climate change,” says Gift Sageme, CEO at Malawi’s Central Region Water Board.
Water sector. Prof Roland Schulze

Water sector Prof has climate change on his mind

A broad future lies ahead for the water sector, which has become an increasingly important commodity, says Prof Roland Schulze, winner of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award at African Utility Week. “Nowadays, hydrologists and engineers...
World Bank

Solar powered desalination plant brings relief to muni

South Africa is set to commission its first solar powered desalination plant at the end of October 2018 in Witsand, Hessequa Municipality in the Western Cape. The project, initiated by Prof Erwin Schwella, Professor of...