distribution networks

non-technical losses

Perspective on non-technical losses from Enel Foundation

The distribution of electricity implies a certain amount of loss of power that could be classified into technical and non-technical losses (NTL), with the latter...
network resilience

In brief: Powerlines and network resilience

Network resilience is the ‘give and take’ in the powerline system that carries or bypasses the dangerous ‘something’ that may cause a possible breakdown.
electric distribution networks

Automatic reclosing 101: Secrets uncovered

The seemingly simple technology of automatically closing circuit breakers after interrupting a fault is brutally effective in increasing network reliability.
Botswana Power Corporation

Burkina Faso seeks bids to construct distribution networks

The government of Burkina Faso plans to construct distribution networks in 12 areas across the country. The areas include Yaho, Mamou, Madou, Maoula, Fobiri,...

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