distributed energy

rewewable energy projects

IRENA ease investments and renewable energy projects in Africa

IRENA is increasing it's on-ground impact with 15 regional and sub-regional platforms which aim at scaling up renewable energy projects and investments.
Distributed PV

Factors influencing distributed PV growth through 2024

Distributed PV is set to take off over the next five years, transforming the way electricity is generated and consumed, according to IEA.
Embedded generation

Value of embedded generation in municipal budgets

An award-winning paper, Incorporating embedded generation into municipal networks, unpacks ways to reduce the financial impact caused by private microgrids.
solar power

39 solar power projects approved for development in Zimbabwe

Interest in investing in Zimbabwe's solar power market is on the rise as the Ministry approves 39 solar PV projects for development.
hyundai steel

Hyundai Steel becomes the first private partner in the SDG Fund

Hyundai Steel became the first private sector partner in the World Bank Group Partnership Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Factors that impact the delivery of distributed energy

Here are a few influences that will need attention to enable smoother delivery of distributed energy projects for rural communities.

EDF to expand deployment of EV charging infrastructure

EDF Renewables North America has acquired EV charging technology firm Powerflex Systems to expand its deployment of large-scale EV infrastructure.

ENGIE buys out Mobisol, boosts decentralised energy offering in Africa

ENGIE expands its decentralised energy offering in Africa through the acquisition of Mobisol, a pioneer of off-grid solar solutions.
impact fund

Innovative financing programme to bring power to 4.5m people

AfDB's innovative financing programme for Distributed Energy Service Companies will see 4.5 million people gain access to solar power by 2025.
Mini grids

China obtains grant to scale-up distributed renewable energy

The World Bank has approved a grant worth $7.3 million from the GEF to promote the scale-up of distributed renewable energy in China.

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