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Meeting the challenges of new power generation: Decarbonise, decentralise and digitise

How easily can small and decentralised renewable energy sources be integrated seamlessly into the network to replace fossil fuel-based generation?
Africa's energy

Africa’s energy tales in a post-COVID-19 world

In 2020, the story of Africa’s energy progress took a turn for the worse and without concerted effort, this tale could have a surprising twist where cross-sectorial policies and investment play leading characters.
Mantashe survey

Op-ed: Spelunking Minister Mantashe’s budget speech survey reference

What did Mantashe mean when he said “our research and our survey” of 10,000 people indicated that the market was not ready for a 50MW threshold above which a generation licence is required, and that a 10MW threshold would do?
research and development

Ed’s note: Seeing the power of research and development in action

Bridging the gap between research and development and the application of the knowledge gained is a key step to advancing the power sector.

New Tiger Pro modules earmarked for distributed generation market

JinkoSolar announced that it has launched a new series of ultra-efficient Tiger Pro modules with higher power capacity targeted for the distributed energy resource market.

Webinar recording: Digitisation – the future of the network, part 2

Experts from Lucy Electric delve into the issues of resolving intermittency of generation and the subsequent impact of reverse current flows in this technical presentation on DERs.
transmission lines

Ed’s note: Finding an end to the electricity supply industry’s prolonged Sunday

Disruption of the electricity supply and demand market in 2020 came in various guises but so too are the development areas that have arisen.

Webinar recording: Grid at the edge of the storm

By making data-driven decisions in advance of severe weather events, utilities can improve the mobilisation of resources to the affected areas.
solar power

Ed’s note: Signing up for solar power and distributed energy resources

Grid defection: Did you invest in a rooftop solar power under the assumption that power outages will not affect you any longer?
benefits of using solar energy

Champions supporting our energy generation transition

Absa expands on why municipalities are a key role player in, and enabler of, the energy generation transition in South Africa.