sustainability trends

Eight sustainability trends shaping business in 2021

WWF South Africa has identified eight sustainability trends for businesses to watch and focus on in 2021, including energy and climate, circular economy and smart water.

Ethiopia: Collaboration launches a digital centre in Addis Ababa

Orange and partners have launched the Addis Ababa Orange Digital Centre, an ecosystem that is dedicated to digital skills and innovation.

Energy efficiency is imperative for 5G networks efficacy – report

Estimates suggest 5G networks can be up to 90% more efficient per traffic unit than their 4G predecessors but requires more energy.
digital transformation

Digital transformation journey begins at Africa-focused RE company

rAREH has selected Infor SunSystems financial management system as its replacement accounting system to support the continuing growth of its business in sub-Saharan Africa.

A machine-learning approach to predicting Africa’s electricity mix based on planned...

In this study, the authors built a machine-learning model that demonstrates high accuracy in predicting power-generation project failure and success.
rooftop solar

Top five trends accelerating industry convergence in renewable energy

The potential for increasing renewable energy demand, combined with the electrification of transportation and oil and gas companies’ increased participation in the electricity value chain, is accelerating industry convergence.
Digitisation is a 'must' to manage the network complexity

Digitisation is a ‘must’ to manage the network’s complexity

The integration of distributed resources to the electricity network opens an opportunity for utilities to move to digitisation.

Five ways we see Africa’s energy sector evolving

The recent Digital African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa was the perfect opportunity to hone our digital skills to present a virtual conference and the get-together turned into a snapshot of where Africa’s energy sector is at.
illegal connections

Cape Town’s digital tools to curb illegal power connections

Spying on illegal connection thieves via drones, geo-location apps to call out meter-tampering, and viable EVs are in Cape Town's digital toolbox.
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Fireside Chat: Lucy Electric – the shift to digital

In this chat, Philip Dingle, marketing director at Lucy Electric, talks about what digitalisation means in the context of Africa’s utility landscape.

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