AUW & PGAF sports new colours

Join us in properly acknowledging the changing face of the African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa (AUW & PGAF) conference and exhibition.
augmented reality

Augmented reality meets how things are at electric utilities

Utilities believe now is the time to get ahead of the demand and determine when and how to use augmented reality in real-time work situations and for training.
engineering training

How to improve engineering training in the face of 4IR advances

The 4IR is disrupting every industry and profession, engineering included. The solution is to renew the education and training ecosystem.
modelling resilient distribution networks

Simulating and modelling resilient distribution networks with precision and speed

Distribution engineers and planners responsible for keeping the network stable and resilient must now consider factors such as reverse power flow, fluctuations, and integrations.
energy efficiency

Prioritising energy efficiency while navigating high costs in SA

South Africa is set to see the effects of the 15,63% energy tariff hike while navigating a floundering economy and escalating costs. How do businesses still prioritise energy efficiency as a solution and not incur more overall costs?
smart city

Roundtable 26 May: Building Wakanda: Separating fact from fiction

During his State of the Nation address in February 2021, South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa announced the formation of a number of smart city developments for the country.

Ed’s note: Predicting the future using ones and zeros

There is a language that has become a valuable skill to have on your résumé. It's not Spanish, Russian or Mandarin—but it is very useful in commercial and public domains.
EV growth

Ask an expert: How to enable EV growth through smart solutions

Lucy Electric explores the solutions to overcome the EV growth challenge, which puts pressure on already highly utilised assets, especially in dense urban areas.

View of a sustainable grid for the future – video

Engineering expertise enabling utility networks to meet their responsibilities to support sustainable, secure and affordable energy.

Webinar recording: Digitisation – the future of the network, part 2

Experts from Lucy Electric delve into the issues of resolving intermittency of generation and the subsequent impact of reverse current flows in this technical presentation on DERs.

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