Ed’s note: The 5Ds, according to Africa and global stakeholders

Using an engaging platform, Enlit Africa asked the audience to take a poll on which of the 5Ds they believe is the most important in achieving our energy transition.

DAY THREE: Best of Enlit Africa digital event agenda

Day three of Enlit Africa digital event takes a very forward-looking approach with its focus on Initiate (aimed at young professionals), smart grids and future systems.

DAY ONE: Best of Enlit Africa digital event agenda

Enlit Africa digital event kicks off with a Siemens sponsored keynote address that addressed this year’s content theme, the 5Ds of the energy transition.
Oghosa Erhahon women in energy

OGHOSA ERHAHON: Less funding, no problem! Just be prepared

We caught up with Nigerian-based Oghosa Erhahon to find out more about her belief in volunteering, the meaning of digitalisation. and changes in funding the African energy and power market in the years ahead.

The impact of Industry 4.0 on engineering training and practices

The fusion of technologies has characterised the digital revolution, often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, which is expected to impact industries and economies and fundamentally alter the way we live.
power generation

Meeting the challenges of new power generation: Decarbonise, decentralise and digitise

How easily can small and decentralised renewable energy sources be integrated seamlessly into the network to replace fossil fuel-based generation?
Africa energy and power sector

A snapshot of Africa’s energy and power sector

Is this assessment of Africa's energy and power sector realistic, and more importantly, how has it changed over the past 25 years?

AUW & PGAF sports new colours

Join us in properly acknowledging the changing face of the African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa (AUW & PGAF) conference and exhibition.
augmented reality

Augmented reality meets how things are at electric utilities

Utilities believe now is the time to get ahead of the demand and determine when and how to use augmented reality in real-time work situations and for training.
engineering training

How to improve engineering training in the face of 4IR advances

The 4IR is disrupting every industry and profession, engineering included. The solution is to renew the education and training ecosystem.

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