emerging markets

Analysis: Roadmap to a sustainable emerging market energy future

By Dan Goldman, Managing Director, Clean Energy Ventures Amidst the current attention on climate change, it’s clear that the...
electricity access

The need for smarter, more adaptable cities

It is now clearer than ever that the main characteristic of our future cities needs to be adaptability, post COVID-19 pandemic.
grid architecture

Laying the foundation for next-gen grid architecture

Grid architecture is a top-down approach to understanding and documenting the complex structures and interdependencies of electric power systems.
Digital Academy

Free Digital Academy prepares industries for a new digital-normal

Rolls-Royce opens its Digital Academy to help people and businesses around the world prepare for a potentially digital-centric recovery from COVID-19.

Nigerian refinery achieves digital transformation in record time

Dangote invests the latest state-of-the-art technologies for its single-train refinery in terms of quality assurance and smart production environments.
supply chain

Supply chain under pressure as pandemic creates manufacturing deserts

A new report from Baker McKenzie and Oxford Economics indicates how the pandemic has produced an unprecedented global supply chain crisis.

Highlights from the Smarter Mobility World live broadcast conference

Enel Foundation’s partner Generation.e, recently hosted a fully digital Smarter Mobility World LIVE conference streaming from the Sustainable City in Dubai.

Op-Ed: What is the next stop for the Internet of Things?

The rise of the Artificial Intelligence of the Internet of Things present new business opportunities. But what is the impact of an AI-enabled IoT in future?
Mercy Chelangat. IEEE Smart Village Ambassador in East Africa

Kenya’s green at heart techie is devoted to smart villages

Mercy Chelangat, an electrical engineer and IEEE Smart Village Ambassador in East Africa, talks about emerging technologies and electrification strategies.

Emerging 4IR brings new opportunities for SA’s ICT sector

The ICT brain drain and slow ICT skills development threaten South Africa's Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) progress, writes IITPSA board members.

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