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Safaricom aims to be Kenya Power’s latest meter installer

Safaricom filed a proposal with Kenya Power to install smart meters to reduce non-revenue electricity and enhance grid monitoring.
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Session 27 Oct: Digital Equity: Ensuring that digital advances are equitable and just

Connectivity is crucial to modern lifestyles and for digital equity to be realised, all stakeholders need to look beyond just hardware.
African utilities electricity urban area

Considering new energy path to viability for African utilities

The report A New Energy Path to Viability for African Utilities outlines the strategic considerations for African utilities to create a path towards sustainability as their way of business shifts completely.

Webinar 9 Nov: Powering up SMART Networks in Southern Africa

As the energy transition unfolds, the distributed nature of renewable energy sources requires intelligence to be implemented in unmanned substations.
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Exploring finance and digital cooperation in the biogas sector

Increased interest by businesses to explore and use biogas and other bioenergy technologies to secure and reduce energy demand, improve water efficiency and reduce and beneficiate waste streams all mean an increasing need to establish financing mechanisms to support biogas projects.
Electricity 4.0 where digital and electric converge

Electricity 4.0: Where digital and electric converge

With a global move towards decarbonisation of the electricity mix, Taru Madangombe discusses Electricity 4.0 - the convergence of electrical and digital at scale - as a route to smarter and more efficient energy.
WEF funding

WEF whitepaper highlights funding as key to energy transition

“The entire continent remains vulnerable, but this whitepaper offers a view on what are viable financing options that exist today for clean energy sustainability and equitable recovery for all of Africa,” states Chido Munyati, Head of Africa at the World Economic Forum. 
solar power

Sierra Leone’s digital divide to be bridged with solar power

The government of Sierra Leone has commissioned Zootlabs to help bridge the digital divide in the country using solar power.
digitalise energy transaction

New digital platform aims to digitise energy transactions

Energy advisory firm, Apollo Africa yesterday announced its partnership with global energy technology company WePower to create the Apollo Platform – a platform that digitises energy transactions using secure public blockchain.
Digitisation is a 'must' to manage the network complexity

Using digitalisation to address West Africa power grid challenges

Canadian digital sensor company Awesense has teamed up with Ghanaian engineering firm Arthur Energy Advisors to address power grid challenges in Ghana and Sierra Leone.