Top five trends accelerating industry convergence in renewable energy

The potential for increasing renewable energy demand, combined with the electrification of transportation and oil and gas companies’ increased participation in the electricity value chain, is accelerating industry convergence.
Digitisation is a 'must' to manage the network complexity

Digitisation is a ‘must’ to manage the network’s complexity

The integration of distributed resources to the electricity network opens an opportunity for utilities to move to digitisation.

Five ways we see Africa’s energy sector evolving

The recent Digital African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa was the perfect opportunity to hone our digital skills to present a virtual conference and the get-together turned into a snapshot of where Africa’s energy sector is at.
illegal connections

Cape Town’s digital tools to curb illegal power connections

Spying on illegal connection thieves via drones, geo-location apps to call out meter-tampering, and viable EVs are in Cape Town's digital toolbox.
covid pandemic

Fireside Chat: Lucy Electric – the shift to digital

In this chat, Philip Dingle, marketing director at Lucy Electric, talks about what digitalisation means in the context of Africa’s utility landscape.
$150,000 grant will enable Rwanda Coding Academy effect activities

$150,000 grant will enable Rwanda Coding Academy effect activities

The AfDB has signed a grant agreement with the Ministry of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda to support the Rwanda Coding Academy.
smart cities south africa

3 Steps to make SA’s cities smarter rather than building new...

Why we should be making South Africa's cities smart, rather than building new smart cities to achieve better efficiencies.
IIoT smart cities

How to leverage IIoT to power Africa’s smart cities and grid

Coupling infrastructure projects with IIoT from the onset will improve their optimal use as Africa develops its smart cities and smart grids.

5 Digital trends shaping solar potential in emerging markets

A digital dialogue at the Digital Energy Festival explored how digitalisation is impacting the growth of solar power within emerging markets.
South Africa: New hyperscale data centre to consume 38MW of power

South Africa: New hyperscale data centre to consume 38MW of power

Cloud services provider Teraco says construction has commenced on a new hyperscale data centre in east of Johannesburg and will use 38MW of power.

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