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Energy efficiency improvements are too slow to reach net zero

Global energy efficiency improvements are returning to pre-pandemic levels; however they remain below the pace needed in a net zero pathway.

Digital equity is critical in an increasingly digital world

One billion individuals are connected to the digital world in some shape or form, though this is what we can call ‘the easy half’. The real work now begins to ensure that the rest of the population, the population that is not always easily accessible also connected.
MDBs, carbon markets investment

New platform to increase access to carbon markets currently in development

FSD Africa is investing in a digital solution that will increase access to carbon markets by connecting carbon credits from small-scale green projects across the global south to international buyers.
digitalise energy transaction

Session 27 Oct: Digital Equity: Ensuring that digital advances are equitable and just

Connectivity is crucial to modern lifestyles and for digital equity to be realised, all stakeholders need to look beyond just hardware.

Making maintenance smarter and more predictable

Maintenance has always been a topical matter when it comes to asset management. Traditional maintenance strategies continue to lack real insight into the actual condition of an asset. Developments are being made through condition-based monitoring (CBM) and other data capturing tools to help mitigate this.  
Electricity 4.0 where digital and electric converge

Electricity 4.0: Where digital and electric converge

With a global move towards decarbonisation of the electricity mix, Taru Madangombe discusses Electricity 4.0 - the convergence of electrical and digital at scale - as a route to smarter and more efficient energy.
augmented reality

Augmented reality meets how things are at electric utilities

Utilities believe now is the time to get ahead of the demand and determine when and how to use augmented reality in real-time work situations and for training.

Ed’s note: Predicting the future using ones and zeros

There is a language that has become a valuable skill to have on your résumé. It's not Spanish, Russian or Mandarin—but it is very useful in commercial and public domains.
covid pandemic

Digital economy: unlocking cross-industry opportunities

The Digital economy is orchestrating new business models across boundaries around the hyper-demanding consumers, says GlobalData.

The Future of Work – a Millennials point of view

Written by Kevin O'Donovan, Technology Evangelist What do millennials really think of the Utility Industry? Is it a “boring” industry to work in? Is this industry competing for millennials who are more interested in working...