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extend koeberg plant life

Decision to extend Koeberg’s plant life was a “no-brainer”

It is also a key part of the project to ensure that Koeberg complies with the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) requirements for life extension.
Smart meter solutions: Latest advancement from G3-PLC

Smart meter solutions: Latest advancement from G3-PLC

Based on the success of the technology, G3-PLC has become the de facto PLC technology that is used within Eskom.
Digitisation is a 'must' to manage the network complexity

Digitisation is a ‘must’ to manage the network’s complexity

The integration of distributed resources to the electricity network opens an opportunity for utilities to move to digitisation.

Scaling mini-grids can support energy access in Africa

Regulation is currently the largest barrier to scale: without radical improvement in the regulatory process it will take 140 years for regulators to approve the 140,000 minigrids needed to reach universal electrification, says the COO of AMDA, Jessica Stephens.
illegal connections

Cape Town’s digital tools to curb illegal power connections

Spying on illegal connection thieves via drones, geo-location apps to call out meter-tampering, and viable EVs are in Cape Town's digital toolbox.
PPP water

PPPs are a feasible alternative to delivering water services

"South Africa has been missing opportunities in this space."
career option

The energy sector as a career option discussed

"If we look at long term growth in Africa, there are so many opportunities.”

DAUW-PGAF highlights the beginning of demand-side revolution

The demand-side revolution has begun. This was the key message at a fast-paced talk entitled “Building resilient incomes to ensure sustainable business models” on the second day of Digital Africa Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa.
REIPPPP localisation

REIPPPP lessons: To build localisation, embrace importation benefits

Though REIPPPP requires localisation to boost the renewable energy sector growth, importation has largely dominated the industry.
small scale hydropower

Small-scale hydropower development needs multi-faceted approach

Digital African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa hosted a fascinating discussion around the potential for developing small scale hydropower in Africa.

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