Diversifying water sources to ensure reliability and sustainability

A rundown of the City of Cape Town’s New Water Programme, which explores desalination, water reuse and groundwater as viable water sources.

National Water and Sanitation Master Plan

The National Water and Sanitation Master Plan is a summation of the priority issues confronting South Africa's water and sanitation sectors.
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Webinar recording: A sceptic’s guide to municipalities and desalination

The National Sanitation and Water Masterplan for South Africa spells out different ways the country can reduce its water demand and ramp up its water supply while staying cognisant of climate impacts, between now and 2030.
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Water security from desalination: A story of technology innovation

While not all water desalination plants produce at the same efficiency levels, there are some incredibly positive examples of new technology.
Regenerative tourism

Regenerative tourism project targets 100% renewables status

An ambitious regenerative tourism project has awarded a contract to a consortium to design, build, operate and transfer The Red Sea Project’s utilities infrastructure.
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3 Reasons why the water sector should be on your radar

Have you noticed a steady stream of water information of late? Here are three reasons to put the water sector on your business to-do list.
African Water Facility

Smart solar-powered water desalination system connected in Kenya

Powered entirely by solar energy and battery storage, GivePower's water desalination systems are operated with a SmartTap system.

Morning coffee with ESI Africa – The value of wastewater

Smarter wastewater management, including reuse and resource recovery, is needed as this resource holds valuable potable water, nutrients, and energy.

Kenyan village installs solar PV desalination plant

Kenya has built its first solar-powered farm, converting ocean water into potable water, which aims to reduce problems relating to access to clean water.
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Thyspunt nuclear project, a missed opportunity for water security

The establishment of the once planned nuclear project at Thyspunt would have ensured water security through desalination, writes Nuclear Physicist Gaopalelwe Santswere.

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