Webinar 25 March: Grid at the edge of the storm

By making data-driven decisions in advance of severe weather events, utilities can improve the mobilisation of resources to the affected areas.
distributed energy resources

Africa’s distributed energy resources dominated by overseas players

A briefing released by Oil Change International details how the growth of distributed renewable energy in Africa has so far failed to include locally-owned companies and initiatives.
emerging markets

Analysis: Roadmap to a sustainable emerging market energy future

By Dan Goldman, Managing Director, Clean Energy Ventures Amidst the current attention on climate change, it’s clear that the...
biogas entrepreneurs

Op-ed: Why African biogas entrepreneurs don’t get support

Most governments are yet to provide the requisite incentives that would stimulate a market for biogas entrepreneurs and demand for biogas technologies.
renewable energy ranking

Utilities to increase micro-grid capacity by nearly five times by 2029

Global utilities are expected to increase their micro-grid capacity by 19% per annum between 2020 and 2029, according to Guidehouse Insights.

A business case for distributed dispatchable generating units

The rapid adoption of renewable resources calls for the need of dispatchable generation resources to maintain the stability of the grid.
pilot trial

Pilot trial to demonstrate feasibility of solar power trading

Power Ledger has partnered with Malaysia’s SEDA to launch a pilot trial of its blockchain-backed energy trading platform.

Utilities to rely on advanced IT to manage energy distribution

According to a new study conducted by Navigant Research, utilities will rely on advanced IT systems to manage energy distribution and distributed energy resources.

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