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SA C&I sector starting to make inroads into solar PV market

The South African solar PV market installed 1,313MW during 2020, broken down into 813MW of utility-scale systems and 500MW of distributed generation.
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OUTA calls for immediate publication of the 100MW threshold limit

More than a month ago, on 10 June, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa lifted the limit for generation for companies without the need for a licence from 1MW to 100MW. Industry stakeholders are now waiting for the next step in the process, an announcement is simply not enough. People are asking, how long does it take to write the 100MW generation notice?
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Tunisia: Renewable energy sector poised for growth

RES4Africa Foundation and AFRY says Tunisia could achieve its decentralised renewable energy sector development by opening its market to private investors and improving the energy off-taking conditions by increasing the attractiveness of its self-consumption regime.
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Legal experts weigh in on South Africa’s energy future

Legal experts warn much will depend on new regulations due by 10 August 2021 but are cautiously optimistic about the country’s future after the South African President’s 100MW announcement.
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Where will the solar megawatts come from to support our energy...

Every renewable megawatt—regardless of who owns it and who the offtaker is—that comes online supports our energy transition.

Distributed renewable energy platform launched by leading foundations

The IKEA Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation have announced a $1 billion joint venture that aims to reduce 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions and improve 1 billion lives with distributed renewable energy (DRE). The initiative will be operated through a new global platform, launching in 2021
Africa energy and power sector

A snapshot of Africa’s energy and power sector

Is this assessment of Africa's energy and power sector realistic, and more importantly, how has it changed over the past 25 years?
Mantashe survey

Op-ed: Spelunking Minister Mantashe’s budget speech survey reference

What did Mantashe mean when he said “our research and our survey” of 10,000 people indicated that the market was not ready for a 50MW threshold above which a generation licence is required, and that a 10MW threshold would do?

Webinar recording: Energy Transition Challenges and Pathways to Grid Resilience at...

Duration: 90 minutes  Watch the recording to learn about the different aspects of grid resilience through the energy transition and scalable field-proven solutions to...
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Ed’s note: Seeing the power of research and development in action

Bridging the gap between research and development and the application of the knowledge gained is a key step to advancing the power sector.

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