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satellite imagery

Satellite imagery to make electricity consumption forecasting easier

Freely available tool uses satellite imagery to provide estimates of future electricity consumption at a high spatial resolution and combines historic and big data source.
Solar water heating

Water heating solutions for the South African commercial sector

In South Africa, national building regulations state that at least 50% of the commercial sector's annual water heating must be generated by means other than electrical resistance heating elements.

Analysis: Smart grid facilitates grid flexibility and resilience

Change in electricity consumption patterns during lockdown has put grid resilience to the test but grid flexibility is currently coping with demand shifts.
Technology institute

UPS innovation: Protecting critical loads and the national grid

Data centre technology, specifically uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), can be used to support the power grid and balance the load.
LED streetlights

India to save big from 1 million LED streetlights installed

India has installed 1 million smart LED streetlights as part of the country’s energy efficiency and smart city initiatives.

Blockchain is driving innovative demand response programmes

Blockchain technology is encouraging new models of demand response programmes, according to the latest study findings by Frost & Sullivan. The study, 'Global Demand Response Market, Forecast to 2024', notes that grid instability and power outages...