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Kowry Energy launches across sub-Saharan Africa

Kowry Energy will supply energy solutions using photovoltaic systems and battery storage for demand of up to 1MW across sub-Saharan Africa. The company will also have Rolls-Royce join them as an investor in this venture.
Uganda Umeme Twaake 2.0

Uganda: Integrated energy approach to create energy for all

A newly launched Utilities 2.0 Twaake pilot project unites distributed renewable energy companies in Uganda to provide centralised and decentralised technology clean power solutions.
Morocco decentralised energy

Morocco: 5-point plan to mobilise a decentralised energy transition

In Morocco, people participating in decision-making on decentralised energy has not been applied throughout the country but this can change.

Ed’s Note: ESI markets across the world have one thing in common

Do you believe that African countries are not keeping pace with the changing electricity supply industry dynamic? If not, there is cause for concern.
decentralised renewables

How decentralised renewables are creating jobs

Power for All issued its first annual jobs census measuring employment from decentralised renewables for rural electrification in Africa and Asia.
carbon tax bill

S.Africa: Mid-term budget speech rocks energy market

Free-market pricing and decentralise private grid operators are two bombshells from South Africa's finance minister's mid-term budget speech that could affect the electricity sector.

IRENA behind sector cross-pollination with decentralised energy

With industry stakeholders stressing the importance of sector crossover to promote a sustainable future, IRENA is bringing together representatives from across the energy and healthcare fields to coordinate a blueprint that will improve health...