DER investments

Massive growth in DER investments anticipated through 2030

The global annual investments in distributed energy resources (DER) will increase by 75% by 2030, according to a new report issued by Frost & Sullivan.
net zero

A flexible energy system could aid the UK achieve net zero...

A new study will explore the potential for an integrated and flexible energy system to reduce the cost of reaching the UK’s net zero economy goal by 2050.

Op-Ed: DER solutions serve health facilities’ energy needs in SSA

DER solutions are compatible to providing stable power which health facilities require to provide 24/7 care and avoid unnecessary increased mortality.
Battery market

Energy storage merger to boost footprint in the battery market

UK-based redT energy and US-based Avalon Battery Corporation have announced a merger to become a global leader in the battery market.

Challenge accepted! Cybersecurity at your substations

In dealing with cybersecurity at substations, OMICRON has introduced an innovative industry security system offering decentralised, hybrid 24/7 monitoring.
Mercy Chelangat. IEEE Smart Village Ambassador in East Africa

Kenya’s green at heart techie is devoted to smart villages

Mercy Chelangat, an electrical engineer and IEEE Smart Village Ambassador in East Africa, talks about emerging technologies and electrification strategies.
Access to energy strategy

Access to energy strategy delivers a decentralised market in Africa

ENGIE Africa has announced that it has successfully accelerated the Access to Energy strategy that it launched in 2018 across nine countries.

Can decentralised and centralised power models co-exist?

Rebekah Shirley, chief research officer at Power for All, talks with ESI Africa on whether centralised and decentralised models can co-exist.
Distributed PV

Factors influencing distributed PV growth through 2024

Distributed PV is set to take off over the next five years, transforming the way electricity is generated and consumed, according to IEA.
Embedded generation

Op-Ed: Embedded energy generation can boost SA’s power supply

Embedded energy generation can provide sustainable and affordable energy at the point of demand for clients across all sectors of the South African economy.

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