IRENA highlights solutions that will transform the power sector

AI and big data, IoT and batteries are innovative solutions that will amplify the transformation of the power sector based on renewables, says IRENA.
World Bank

Decarbonisation could move Earth Overshoot Day by 21 days

A whitepaper by Schneider Electric and the Global Footprint Network suggests that adtoping decarbonisation programmes would delay Earth Overshoot Day.
climate risk

Decarbonisation tools to meet Paris Agreement goals already exist

The tools required to meet the decarbonisation goals of the Paris Agreement exist today, and are technically feasible and economically attractive.

Ireland: research illustrates dim future for peat

Latest research from Cornwall Insight Ireland shows that the presence of peat on Ireland's power system may have offset some of the decarbonisation benefits of lower coal power station output.
Tomorrow’s Rural Home

The Big Question | the 4th industrial revolution

The revenue model on which utility businesses are based is under threat from the shifting industry norms. The 4th industrial revolution is underway and...

Africa could revolutionise the energy sector through smart power innovation

Within developing economies, including Africa, there are growing opportunities to implement new technologies and localised energy generation systems, that could lead to innovation that...

Electricorns influence the ultimate utility model

Apart from the energy sector being the overlord of demand and supply of electricity, it plays an important role in the provision of food...

The energy revolution depicts a gridless future

The message is clear: the global business of energy and power is under attack from an inanimate, unremorseful fourth industrial revolution (4IR). The conversation now...

Tomorrow’s smart cities will need equally smart utilities

Insights provided by Hannes Venter, Industry Advisor: Utilities at SAP Africa. SAP will be returning to African Utility Week in 2018 as a Gold...

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