Analysing the role of batteries and rise of EVs in decarbonising...

Batteries are set to play a critical role in delivering a low-carbon future due to the role they will play in transforming the future of transportation.
decarbonising large industry

Decarbonising large industry will secure access to global capital

The ability of large industry such as mining to implement decarbonsing practices will be central to maintaining institutional investor commitment.

IRENA and CDP partner to promote the renewables transition

IRENA has signed an agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) aimed at fostering joint initiatives to promote the transition to renewable energy in developing countries.
energy storage market

New partnership to promote lead battery innovation in the EU

Consortium for Battery Innovation and EUROBAT will work on innovative battery energy storage systems which are critical to achieving the EU’s low carbon.

Enel Foundation organises energy policy roundtable in Morocco

Enel Foundation and the Harvard Environmental Economics Programme organised a round-table in Marrakech to discuss energy policy for future energy demand.

Enel Foundation contributes to research on decarbonisation policies

Enel Foundation contributed in a recent paper, which looks at carbon pricing policy applicability in different economic and institutional contexts.
offshore wind

UK seabed rights to be auctioned for offshore wind farms

The Crown Estate, manager of the seabed, has identified 4 broad areas of the seabed which would be made available for offshore wind power in the UK

IRENA highlights solutions that will transform the power sector

AI and big data, IoT and batteries are innovative solutions that will amplify the transformation of the power sector based on renewables, says IRENA.
climate action

Decarbonisation could move Earth Overshoot Day by 21 days

A whitepaper by Schneider Electric and the Global Footprint Network suggests that adtoping decarbonisation programmes would delay Earth Overshoot Day.
Climate Change

Decarbonisation tools to meet Paris Agreement goals already exist

The tools required to meet the decarbonisation goals of the Paris Agreement exist today, and are technically feasible and economically attractive.

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