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Mapping every large solar plant on the planet

since 2010 has given the world a fighting chance to build a zero-emissions energy system which might be less costly than the fossil-fuelled system it replaces.

Making maintenance smarter and more predictable

Maintenance has always been a topical matter when it comes to asset management. Traditional maintenance strategies continue to lack real insight into the actual condition of an asset. Developments are being made through condition-based monitoring (CBM) and other data capturing tools to help mitigate this.  
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Leading IPP in Cape Town looking to hire data engineer

The data engineer for this job will need a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree and at least 3 years work experience in a similar position.
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Ghana take advantage of smart data analytics for energy regulation

Ghana’s Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) is improving its regulatory function by improving its ability to collect, analyse and monitor data.
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UL acquires solar software platform from Clear Sky Analytics

The acquisition of the Clear Sky Analytics platform complements UL’s existing portfolio of independent technical advisory, testing, inspection, certification and software services to the solar energy industry.

Zambia turns to data to improve rural electrification efforts

The Rural Electrification Authority of Zambia and the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to monitor and support the country’s electrification efforts through data collection and analysis.
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Roundtable recording: Smart Cities: a roadmap for Africa

The ultimate goal of a Smart City is transformational: to achieve enhanced quality of life for citizens and deliver tangible benefits at national, provincial and municipal levels while leveraging our natural resources judiciously.
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Importance of data science and revenue coverage

Ntiyiso Consulting head of Information Technology Lenka Mohapi talks on knowing what information is important and why.
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Wind turbine owners launch database to improve performance standard

Wind turbine owners; ENGIE, Equinor and Enel have launched a data sharing project to reduce dependency on OEMs and improve operations.

Ghana: Energy Sector Recovery Programme saves country $5 billion

Ghana’s recently established Energy Sector Recovery Programme is starting to pay dividends, with the announcement that it has so far saved the country’s energy sector $5billion.