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Egypt to create the Middle East’s first-ever smart grid

State-owned Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) will transform its electricity grid into a smart grid with the help of Schneider Electric.
renewables investment

Data will be vital to unlocking renewables investment

Investment in renewable energy infrastructure is forecast to accelerate substantially over the coming year as investors in traditional infrastructure seek long-term, stable returns to counteract ongoing economic turmoil.

Services @ the core of smart metering success

Would you believe that smart metering projects are essentially managed services? Conlog’s solutions architect, Selvan Govender, explains how.
last mile

Make the last mile matter

The low voltage network often referred to as the ‘last mile’, is being increasingly impacted by the evolution of electricity networks, writes Phil Dingle.
data analytics

Data analytics initiative to drive mini-grid development

A huge number of lessons have come from trying to deliver cutting edge technology-based business models in remote corners of Africa, says Sam Duby.
Zambia’s financial sector

Geospatial data improves commercial potential of projects in East Africa

An exclusive interview with Dustin Homer, director of client solutions, Fraym, USA. At the upcoming Future Energy East Africa in Nairobi, he is part...

Webcast | Lucy Electric discusses Smart Grid Solutions

The energy sector is currently undergoing a significant transition, driven primarily by the increase of renewables on the network, distributed energy resources, the rise...

OMICRON protection testing conference & workshop

OMICRON, serving the electrical power industry with testing and diagnostics instruments for primary and secondary equipment, invites industry professionals to register for a conference...

Exclusive insights from Lucy Electric

Exclusive interview with Rick St John, Business Development Director Africa, Lucy Electric – longstanding event partners and this year's diamond sponsors at African Utility...

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