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Heightened threat: Is a smart city a secure city?

As a city’s management network increases to include streetlights, water and electric meters, traffic signals, security cameras and more, these growing numbers...
City Power

IoT survey reveals the importance of cybersecurity

The results of a new study conducted to understand consumer concerns around IoT security and data privacy have been released.

Services @ the core of smart metering success

Would you believe that smart metering projects are essentially managed services? Conlog’s solutions architect, Selvan Govender, explains how.

Pairing existing telecom infrastructure with AMI

For electricity and gas utilities, the adoption of smart meters and AMI has been largely driven by regulatory efforts to enable a carbon-free energy system.
Smart cities

Tracking the smart meter evolution

The term ‘smart meter’ has been fluid over time, with a somewhat different meaning in 2018 than in 1998, and potentially something else entirely...
Financial viability

Addressing the issue of financial viability in African utilities

Utility financial viability is linked to  having a stable regulatory environment, according to Dr. Lawrence Jones, VP and head of international programmes at Edison...
cyber threats

Utilities and cybersecurity focus in Africa

Utilities in Africa are trying to implement cyber threat initiatives as an after thought outside their normal operations. According to Sfiso Tshabalala, senior manager...

Shared intelligence: Secure your utility’s back door

No utility is safe from the threat of cyber-attacks but all utilities, even in Africa, will benefit from sharing cybersecurity intelligence, writes AUTC Cybersecurity...

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