Data breaches are becoming a common phenomenon in South Africa

Data breaches are becoming a common phenomenon in South Africa

Data breaches are now a common phenomenon with Nedbank, Momentum, Lombard Insurance, Experian and Stefanutti Stocks making headline news.
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Op-ed: Is your workforce skilled to overcome digital challenges?

The digital revolution and associated disruptive technology has arrived at Africa’s shores and is awaiting our collective proactive action.
digital transformation

How businesses can reap the benefits of digital transformation

As organisations embrace becoming virtual entities with more employees working from home, understanding digital transformation and cybersecurity is vital.

World Economic Forum: How to maintain cyber resilience

The World Economic Forum advises businesses to consider cyber resilience from a business perspective, looking at the cyber element of operational risks to their business.

The insecurity of things as cyber-attacks impact the real world

As Africa’s utilities increase their online engagement with customers, the topic of cyber crime must now be broached.

Global cyber weapon market is poised to grow

The Global Cyber Weapon Market is poised to grow strong during the forecast period 2018 to 2028, according to the latest report from ResearchandMarkets.

Op-Ed: What is the next stop for the Internet of Things?

The rise of the Artificial Intelligence of the Internet of Things present new business opportunities. But what is the impact of an AI-enabled IoT in future?

Challenge accepted! Cybersecurity at your substations

In dealing with cybersecurity at substations, OMICRON has introduced an innovative industry security system offering decentralised, hybrid 24/7 monitoring.

Webinar recording: Cybersecurity for utilities: 2020 and beyond

Join Smart Energy International in partnership with ESI Africa on 26 February for the live webinar as they answer cybersecurity related questions.
Data breaches are becoming a common phenomenon in South Africa

Cybersecurity: Lessons learned from live exercises

Exelon IT and cybersecurity experts shared their insights during a session at DISTRIBUTECH International in San Antonio, US.

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