Siemens collaborates with CSIR to advance 4IR skills in South Africa

Siemens collaborates with CSIR to advance 4IR skills in South Africa

South Africa’s pursuit of being a key player in 4IR received a massive boost as CSIR and Siemens have partnered to boost digital skills.
RES4Africa Foundation confirms partnership with CSIR and Nedbank

RES4Africa Foundation confirms partnership with CSIR and Nedbank

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and financial services group Nedbank, have joined RES4Africa Foundation as new members.
DAUW opening session

Eskom CEO’s push for cost reflective tariffs welcomed at #DAUW-PGAF

“I also have a huge amount of respect for the IPP (Independent Power Producer) office."
just share nedbank

Coal sector workers need upskilling for a just energy transition

RES4Africa has recently released a report analysing the reskilling framework necessary for South Africa to achieve a just energy transition away from coal.
Energy transition

CSIR and DBSA to develop technologies for economic development

A partnership between CSIR and DBSA is expected to pave way for the commercialisation of CSIR technologies in a bid to boost regional economies.
csir report loadshedding

Threat of loadshedding in S.Africa unpacked in CSIR report

A new report by the CSIR has analysed South Africa’s loadshedding, indicating that it cost the country’s economy between R60bn and R120bn in 2019 alone.
specialised transformers

Want to improve the ROI on your next PV project?

Solar PV plants provide low-cost electricity generation with minimal carbon and water footprints, but the performance may not always live up to expectation.
innovative solar subsidy

On its own, it’s just a solar photovoltaic cell

The rapid growth of the solar photovoltaic (PV) market has resulted in more new PV capacity installed in 2017 compared to any other generation...
biomass power plant

SA consortium to create value chains from biomass

The South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) has established a biorefinery research consortium (BRC) to create new value chains from waste biomass. The...
smart water solutions

South African research council looks into forest-water relations

With increasing water scarcity challenges globally, the role of trees and forests in the water cycle is at least as important as their role...

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