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energy efficiency

Ed’s note: Why energy efficiency needs your attention

Your home, office building and shopping centres are lethal influencers of climate change. These buildings are responsible for about 40% of global energy consumption and about one-third of global GHG emissions.
infrastructure fund

How to build South Africa’s nuclear project with local skills

Dr David Milne explains how South Africa can build its nuclear power plants without necessarily incurring cost overruns or schedule delays and using the available local skills.

Thyspunt nuclear build links to Eastern Cape economic development

Commentary: A nuclear power station build at Thyspunt in the Eastern Cape would fill the requirements to reduce unemployment and increase economic development.
pension funds

What project management of SA’s new nuclear build will look like

For a project of this size and strategic importance, it is necessary to ensure that its management should comply with the highest international standards to prevent the cost and schedule overruns that in the past have characterised large projects.
pension funds

Ed’s note: Pension funds earmarked in the economy’s rescue plan

Would you vote in favour of pension funds delivering on a green economy and rebuilding society in post-COVID-19 investment efforts?

Djibouti pursues its ambitious growth projects in 2021

According to the World Bank's Global Economic Prospects report, Djibouti is expected to experience the strongest GDP growth in Africa this year with a projected rate of 7.1%.

ICMS sets a benchmark for globally funded projects

The international construction measurement standards (ICMS) enables financiers to compare apples with apples when reviewing project costs across the globe.
supply chain

AfCFTA delay presents new opportunities for construction, manufacturing

The delay in the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), which was scheduled to launch in July this year, could provide much-needed breathing room for Africa’s manufacturing and construction sectors.