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Op-Ed: ‘Team Africa’ can unlock African supply chains

The current COVID-19 related economic challenges highlight the need for Team Africa to support local supply chains to boost economic activity on the continent.

Nigerian refinery achieves digital transformation in record time

Dangote invests the latest state-of-the-art technologies for its single-train refinery in terms of quality assurance and smart production environments.
Bokamoso Solar Park

Bokamoso Solar Park achieves over 1 million incident-free hours

A testament to local construction workers at the Bokamoso Solar Park as 1,006,793 Lost Time Incident free hours to end of February 2020 is achieved.

Corruption Watch: The ‘writing is on the wall’ for its 2019 report

Non-profit organisation Corruption Watch will issue a report on the effects of corruption, particularly in key sectors such as health, policing, and mining.
steel industry

Entrepreneurship can revitalise South Africa’s steel industry

Bridging the gap in the South African steel industry requires essential short-term interventions geared towards entrepreneurial empowerment.
Light steel frame

New market: Light steel frame building method holds potential

Light steel frame building (LSFB) materials hold the potential for quick, accurate building construction and new market opportunities for South Africa.

The SAISC Steel Awards celebrates diversity in the SA market

SAISC adopts marketing tagline ‘See Yourself in Steel’ and hosts first Award to foster a strong, ‘future-proofed’ steel community in South Africa.
crane market

The drivers behind global crane market growth

Crane market growth, driven by urbanisation trends, is creating a high machinery demand that is energy efficient and in line with carbon emission policies.

Tower crane market to reach $5.5bn by 2025

According to a new research report by Global Market Insights, the Global Tower Crane Market to Surpass $5.5 billion by 2025.

Constructing an economy through skills transfer

The construction sector forms a big part of infrastructure development, but what happens to the growth of the economy when the construction sector faces drawbacks?