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Since the inception of the South African prepayment industry in the late 1980s, Conlog has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions that meet...

Unlock fit-for-purpose metering solutions

With service delivery being the ultimate goal of utilities and municipalities, finding the best fit-for-purpose metering solutions will ultimately grow revenue and improve service delivery.

Going digital to increase security and revenue

If revenue collection from electricity sales continues to fall in light of the ongoing pandemic, the impact could be devastating, says Conlog.

Over 1 million prepaid meters for Umeme

Uganda’s main electricity distribution company Umeme, like so many others across the continent, has faced numerous challenges over the years.
African Power & Energy Elites 2021

Africa’s resilient energy sector celebrated in latest African Power & Energy...

“The timing is perfect for utilities to embrace the shift to digital”

Conlog overview in 2020

Curios to know more about Conlog? Watch this latest video to learn about the company's heritage and pioneering products and facility.

Conlog’s wBEC Nano

Using the latest technology, and Conlog's renowned quality and build, the wBEC Nano is a low investment prepaid meter, with high returns.

Conlog’s Crypto Vault technology

Integrated into all Conlog meters, Crypto Vault technology is the company's response to a new and improved Revenue Protection methodology.

Conlog’s Utility Application

Conlog has engineered a Utility Application to increase efficiencies with mass meter roll out projects. Watch the video to learn more.

Conlog: Utilities going digital means better customer engagement

Utilities turn to digitisation not just to keep up with a world stepping onto the fourth industrial revolution, but because it makes business sense.

Pivoting to digital to improve your utility cash flow

A fundamental objective for any utility is to keep non-technical losses low. Pivoting to digital can improve your utility cash flow advises Conlog.

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