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Promoting self-consumption of energy in the C&I market in Tunisia

German EPC Kraftwerk Renewable Power Solutions and Tunisian company Solar Energy Systems have constructed a solar PV power plant for a cheese-making dairy in Tunisia.
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Solar Solutions Engineer wanted in the Western Cape

Job listing: An exciting role for a Solar Solutions Engineer based in Cape Town, South Africa involving technical/sales and project management aspects of C&I rooftop solar installations.
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Picking the right solar PV module for your business

The drop in solar PV costs is shadowed by field studies indicating a significant number of solar modules failure before they reach the end of their specified lifetime.

Commercial and industrial microgrid sector on upward trajectory

Declining costs have made the reliance on renewable energy more attractive which has seen the commercial and industrial (C&I) microgrid sector be the fastest growing worldwide.

Gridworks and New GX make $40m investment into solar company

Gridworks and New GX have announced a $40 million investment into the portfolio company Sustainable Power Solution Investments (SPS).
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Shining a light on African solar data irregularities

Declining solar equipment costs is driving African C&I users towards this energy solution but a report questions the industry way of calculating long-term solar production.
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Global solar PV market is breaking all sorts of records

SolarPower Europe’s new Global Market Outlook report says solar PV installation increased 18% in 2020 compared to the previous year, despite COVID-19 induced lockdowns.
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SA C&I sector starting to make inroads into solar PV market

The South African solar PV market installed 1,313MW during 2020, broken down into 813MW of utility-scale systems and 500MW of distributed generation.

What effect could embedded generation have on your business?

All business eyes are on the DMRE ministry, awaiting the gazetting of the amendment to Schedule 2 of the Electricity Regulation Act that pushes the self-generation threshold up to 100MW.
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Webinar recording: Taking advantage of the increased 100MW threshold: The C&I business case

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement to increase the self-generation without a licence threshold from 1MW to 100MW has been a long time coming for South Africa’s commercial and industrial sector.