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Egypt megaproject completed in record time

GENERATION INNOVATION AND OPTIMISATION Since 2010, Egypt has experienced frequent, lengthy power cuts and blackouts. At the peak of the country’s electricity crisis, the power shortage was estimated to reach 5 GW, causing many factories...
Kinyerezi power plant. Tanzania

Innovation secures reliable EPC services for your power plants

Toshiba's Integrated Engineering Tool enables the provision of reliable EPC services from across the globe to enhance the customer’s project.

Megaproject delivers 14.4GW in record time

Explore the motivation behind a newly-unveiled megaproject in BeniSuef, Egypt that delivered 14.4GW in record time through industry collaboration.

Megaprojects remain in vogue

I recently travelled to Egypt to visit a newly-unveiled megaproject that needed a firsthand experience to truly appreciate its scale. Originally published in the ESI Africa weekly newsletter on 2018/10/31 – subscribe today The photographs of the...