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Middle East energy

Dubai making headway against its Clean Energy Strategy 2050

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority says the emirate’s clean energy target for 2020 has been exceeded, with 9% of the regions 11,700MW electricity.
Green Outcomes Fund

Op-Ed: Challenges faced by early-stage clean energy companies

Like many other sectors, early stage clean energy companies are heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of governments to it.
green economy

Green economy: Biodiesel as an alternative fuel and business opportunity

Globally, used cooking oils are wasted without realising the potential to the green economy where biofuels and more are becoming a valuable commodity.
Ocean energy

Ocean energy production surges tenfold over last decade

Global ocean energy production has risen tenfold over the last decade, according to a report issued today by a leading ocean energy organisation.

New facility to bridge financing gap for access to clean power

responsAbility has launched a $3 million Technical Assistance Facility targeting efforts to provide access to clean power in developing countries.

Renewables powering the mining sector

WATCH the short Morning Coffee with ESI Africa video clip as we draw attention to how the mining sector is adopting clean energy technologies.

An unfettered energy revolution lies in green hydrogen resources

Green hydrogen could offer alternative ways to decarbonise a range of sectors where it is proving difficult to reduce CO2 emissions meaningfully.
thermal power

New decade: Will thermal drown in the wake of clean power?

During the early days of energy supply, thermal power ruled the generation technology mix. It was reliable, robust and cheap. But that dominance is ending.

Factors at play where LNG prospects are taking hold

ESI Africa brought together experts from the field to dissect the factors that influence the LNG outlook, now and into the future.
Tidal energy

Tidal energy not just testing the waters but here to stay!

The abundance of ocean surface makes wave and tidal energy an infinite source of clean energy. In this article, we look at countries leading the way.

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