City of Cape Town

climate change

Upcycling invasive wood to address climate change

The largest charcoal production facility in the southern hemisphere has been launched near Wellington in the Western Cape to address climate change.
South African Municipality told to stop polluting water resources.

Cape Town makes a case before High Court for electricity generation

The City of Cape Town seeks to develop its own clean electricity capacity without requiring the national energy minister’s permission.
COVID-19 pandemic

Together we can keep the lights on during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Africa-focused COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management webinar showed how utilities were coping under lockdown conditions.

Western Cape supports municipalities in procuring energy independently

Over 20 municipalities in the Western Cape Province are ready to go ahead with the procurement of energy directly from Independent Power Producers.
Open market

The value of an open market pushes regulatory boundaries

An open market in South Africa will enhance electricity consumers' ability to generate power for own, which is currently reined in by outdated regulation.
off-grid solar

Op-Ed: Is SA’s energy dark ages set to end after SONA...

Dr Sam Duby, TFE Energy's Africa Director, asks whether the 2020 SONA is the first shaft of light heralding the end of South Africa’s energy dark ages.

Students tell all about Open Africa Power 2020 experience

Three students that participated in Enel Foundation's Open Africa Power 2020 programme, give their impression of the programme.

Lessons from mining: A focus on large power users at AUW...

Electricity supply within the large power users market will be addressed at the African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in Cape Town from 12-14 May.
Water technology

Water technology: No one-size-fits-all solution

Exclusive interview with Dr Jo Burgess, Senior Technology Specialist - Isle Utilities, discussing Water technologies required to advance the water sector.
Global competition for skills is intensifying.

University of Cape Town will host the Open Africa Power programme

The University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business will host the third edition of Open Africa Power, an initiative by the Enel Foundation.

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