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clean energy ENdep EEP Africa

EEP Africa launches latest portfolio of clean energy investment

EEP Africa has launched a new cohort of 26 clean energy projects which promote productive use of energy and circular economy.
circular economy waste

New project supports circular economy, empowers informal waste reclaimers

Nestlé has launched the RE-Imagine Tomorrow project which uses a circular economy model to empower informal waste reclaimers.
wind energy

Wind circularity realised through 1st recyclable wind turbine blade

Siemens Gamesa has pioneered wind circularity by launching the world’s first recyclable wind turbine blade for commercial use offshore.

The green and equitable revolution: A call to arms

To assist and accelerate the net zero strategies of industrialists like Rolls-Royce and many others, five things need to change. 

Exploring seaweed as a packaging alternative

In the race to purge plastics, global packaging company DS Smith is investigating using seaweed as an alternative fibre source for the barrier coating used to protect many foodstuffs.
biofuel kenya

Eni to develop sustainable biofuel value chain in Kenya

To facilitate decarbonisation of processes, Kenya is looking to circular economy initiatives including the recovery, regeneration and reuse of agricultural and food waste in the biofuel industry.
waste management

Waste management approaches to mitigate burgeoning population risks

As the global population continues to increase with the global population expected to significantly exceed nine billion people by 2050. Waste generation is threatening biodiversity and the planet as a whole. Interwaste believes this demands a new approach to waste management.

ACEA report puts spotlight on 5 Big Bets for circular economy

The African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA) has launched a report that highlights five sectors that have the greatest potential to further drive the circular economy.
Flipflopi on Lake Victoria

Highlighting the impact of plastics pollution on Lake Victoria

The Flipflopi, a dhow made from recycled plastic, has set sail on its second voyage, taking to riverine communities in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya to highlight the importance of reversing the damage of plastic pollution to communities that depend on Lake Victoria.
sustainability trends

Eight sustainability trends shaping business in 2021

WWF South Africa has identified eight sustainability trends for businesses to watch and focus on in 2021, including energy and climate, circular economy and smart water.