Circular economy


ACEA report puts spotlight on 5 Big Bets for circular economy

The African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA) has launched a report that highlights five sectors that have the greatest potential to further drive the circular economy.
Flipflopi on Lake Victoria

Highlighting the impact of plastics pollution on Lake Victoria

The Flipflopi, a dhow made from recycled plastic, has set sail on its second voyage, taking to riverine communities in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya to highlight the importance of reversing the damage of plastic pollution to communities that depend on Lake Victoria.
sustainability trends

Eight sustainability trends shaping business in 2021

WWF South Africa has identified eight sustainability trends for businesses to watch and focus on in 2021, including energy and climate, circular economy and smart water.
trade hub

Clean energy sector growing in southern and eastern Africa

A new report exploring recent developments in the clean energy market in southern and eastern Africa shows market entry is challenging and requires targeted awareness-raising activities, increased financial inclusion and access to financing.
net zero

A decade of green economy investments pays off in job creation

Sector development agency Greencape this year celebrates a decade of leveraging funding partnerships and networks to facilitate R41billion worth of investment into South Africa’s green economy.

The year that was and the one that could be

This past year, the pandemic and US political unrest are black swans changing our collective response to threats and opportunities.
faecal waste

Kenya’s 2-in-1 facility to treat faecal waste and produce biofuels

The 2-in-1 design is an innovative concept for the treatment of faecal waste while generating sustainable biomass fuel for local commercial buyers.

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