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Promoting self-consumption of energy in the C&I market in Tunisia

German EPC Kraftwerk Renewable Power Solutions and Tunisian company Solar Energy Systems have constructed a solar PV power plant for a cheese-making dairy in Tunisia.
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Celebrating 10 years of solar power, the better energy choice

With a vision to become a  solar energy enabler, SolarAfrica celebrated their first small office in Calebasses, Mauritius in 2011.
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Picking the right solar PV module for your business

The drop in solar PV costs is shadowed by field studies indicating a significant number of solar modules failure before they reach the end of their specified lifetime.
Shoprite Beaufort West solar climate change

Retailer makes powerful move in fight against climate change

The Shoprite Group has doubled its solar capacity in an attempt to fight climate change and reduce its carbon footprint.
Daystar Power

Daystar Power to install solar systems at five Nigerian factories

Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC) is taking the next step to reducing its carbon footprint through a partnership with Daystar Power to roll out solar systems as a primary daytime energy source.

Testing the African sun against the demands of C&I markets

Africa’s commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses need energy, and if they cannot get it from their utilities, they are turning to the sun.
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C&I projects in Africa

Access the recording to find out what makes Africa such an attractive solar market, the challenges that come with developing C&I projects in the region, and the optimal solutions based on case studies.

Togo airport wants self-sufficiency through solar PV plant

The Tokoin Airport, also known as Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport, in the Togolese capital Lomé, has put out a tender for a solar PV power plant. Deadline 8 October 2021.
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Renewable energy tariff pilot, first-come-first-served says Eskom

Eskom’s Renewable Energy Tariff pilot programme will last for a two-year period ending 31 March 2023, after which the company will make a decision whether to take the tariff for formal approval.
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Raising gen licence threshold to 100MW necessary but insufficient

Commentary: Raising the self-generation threshold is not a sufficient condition to unlock the significant potential that distributed generation, wheeling and trading of electricity can deliver to customers.