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solar panels at Montego Pet Nutrition Factory in Graaff-Reinet

Solar investment is paying off with emissions reduction for Montego

Montego Pet Nutrition has reported a 300-tonne reduction in carbon emissions after installing solar panels. This is the equivalent to planting 9,000 trees.
Eskom plans to mitigate carbon emissions from existing plants

Op-Ed: Carbon tax vs carbon trading – two sides of the same coin

Weighing up carbon tax vs carbon trading, two frameworks intended to compel enterprises to acknowledge their effect on the environment and encourage change.
ESG-related litigation

Op-ed: South Africa must comply with carbon tariffs to trade globally

As part of a global shift toward climate change action, carbon tariffs on imported goods are in the pipeline for regions such as Japan, Europe and the US.
supply chain

Op-Ed: The manufacturing industry cannot ignore looming carbon tax

Implementation of South Africa's Carbon Tax Act is going to put a strain on pollution-heavy industries' bottom line, such as the manufacturing industry.
freight industry

Op-Ed: Time for freight industry to hit the road and lower carbon emissions

The majority of South Africa's CO2 emissions result from over-reliance on coal; however, the road freight industry has a lot to answer for.
decarbonising large industry

Mining industry coming to terms with the Carbon Tax Act

Mining is one industry that needs to gear itself for phase 2 of South Africa’s Carbon Tax Act which will commence in mid-2022.
Eskom plans to mitigate carbon emissions from existing plants

12L Tax Incentive delivers billions in energy savings rebate

According to SANEDI, the 12L tax incentive has delivered a total gross rebate of R19.9bn to South African taxpayers since November 2013.

Morning coffee with ESI Africa – Changing the climate change dialogue

Even if you don’t know it, you are participating in the biggest climate change action plan in the world today. Watch the short video clip to find out more.
New hydrogen tech explored as answer to waste heat carbon emissions

Carbon tax: Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy

Be prepared: South Africa is the first African nation to implement a carbon tax, with the first carbon tax submissions due on 31 July 2020.
Eskom plans to mitigate carbon emissions from existing plants

New analytics tool removes guesswork out of carbon tax compliance

As the world’s 14th largest emitter of carbon dioxide, South Africa has an urgent responsibility to drive a positive response to climate change by striving for a lower-carbon economy.