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Business success: The importance of processing, Ntiyiso Consulting

Ntiyiso Consulting group chief advisor Andisa Ramavhunga indicated that business processing allows companies and organisations to have an upper hand against their competitors.
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Doing business in Africa not a one-size-fits-all proposition

When you move into a new business space when doing business in Africa, you have to learn that corporate culture.
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Talking energy business in Africa means talking synergy

the African Single Electricity Market needs careful re-arrangement of existing policies and regulations to encompass varying tariff schemes and issues of standardisation between countries, states energy expert, Dr Albert Butare.
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Digital dialogues: Spotlight on doing business in Africa

Doing business in any country takes more than just a sound knowledge of business practices. A grasp on specific government regulation, policy and culture is needed too.

Business agility: Standards for utilities

The electricity supply industry and specifically state-owned utilities are not known for their business agility – an organisational must-have to respond rapidly to internal and external changes without losing momentum. This is about to...

Customer centricity, a strategic imperative

Customer centricity is a strategic imperative that an organisation should adopt to ensure long-term sustainability. This is according to Utility Coach director Vera Kriel, who spoke to ESI Africa at the recent POWER-GEN Africa...