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Pyrolysis: A basket of biomass potential

Global energy consumption and energy-related CO2 emissions hit a record high in 2018, with the driving factors being stronger heating and cooling needs in some regions across the world. This calls for greater urgency...
tidal energy

Ethiopia seeks consultancy services for Melka Sedi thermal power project

The Ethiopian Electric Power seeks to conduct consultancy services for Melka Sedi thermal power project to assess the technical, social, and economic viability of the utilisation of the Prosopis Juliflora biomass resource in Afar National Regional State to generate 137.5MW.

NamPower reflects on the progress of renewable energy projects

Namibian power utility NamPower has taken stock of renewable energy projects that were tabled a few years ago and are still under development. The projects include solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, concentrated solar power (CSP) plants,...