Cider plant’s biogas by-product fulfils sustainability goals

SustainPower's combined heat and power unit at Distell's cider manufacturing operation converts the effluent treatment plant’s biogas by-product into power.

EU-funded project on Digital Global Biogas Cooperation kicks-off

The DiBiCoo project aims to support Europe's biogas and biomethane industry by preparing their technologies for export to developing and emerging countries.
Biogas. Alternative energy.

Global corporations root for biogas in addressing climate change

Major biogas industry corporations call on the world's governments to unlock the sector's potential to cut global emissions by at least 12%.

Biogas: The case for global market growth

Although there is already a wide application of biogas technologies around the world, the industry is still in the early stages of development.
cooking gas

BBOXX’s new initiative to tackle the global clean cooking crisis

BBOXX is unveiling a new initiative today which marks a major stride towards tackling the global clean cooking crisis and reducing greenhouse gas emissions....

Shortlist announced for global biogas awards

The UK and global AD industry has announced its shortlist of nominees for the AD & Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony 2019, taking place on the 3rd July.

New kid on the block: elephant grass could take role of...

A Scandinavian clean tech start-up has developed a new fuel technology that could potentially replace oil, natural gas and coal, which will be presented at the upcoming UN Climate Summit.
Western Cape

Western Cape bans organic waste in landfills

Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs recently announced a 100% ban on organic waste to landfill by 2027, with a half-way target of 50% by 2022.
off-grid Kenyans

Tech provider secured for Lake Kivu biogas power projects

A New York-based Independent Power Producer (IPP) has appointed Clarke Energy as the preferred bidder for two power plants in Rwanda, which will generate...

The University of Ghana explores clean power projects

The deadline for this tender is 14 September 2018 The University of Ghana is seeking viable solutions to introduce additional electric power supply options such...

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