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Is grid modernisation success hidden in data analytics?

Is grid modernisation success hidden in data analytics?

Big data analytics continues to be a top deployment priority for businesses as its use will help them remain competitive while accelerating innovation.

The nitty-gritty of big data-based analytical tools and standardising

Big data analytics enables the energy utility sector to optimise power generation and planning. But this is not always a smooth sailing practice.
telecom operators

Reseller partnership delivers agility to telecom operators across Africa

Nexign announced a strategic reseller partnership with Dubai-based system integrator and solutions specialist NETS International.

New research reveals tech with the highest funding and sector impacts

Frost & Sullivan has published a new report analysing technologies with the highest funding and their impacts in sectors including ICT, energy, advanced manufacturing and environment. Analysed technologies include big data, distributed energy generation, smart...

World Bank, Korea join forces to support Africa’s transformation

The World Bank and the government of Korea reinforced their ongoing partnership to support Sub-Saharan Africa’s universities and research institutions in growing highly qualified local talent in areas important for Africa’s transformation, such as...