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Ed’s Note: Electricity market changes give power to today’s youth

In the next decade, today’s South African youth will experience a very different energy landscape from pre-2021. Here's why.

A splash of triumphs – editor’s column

The journal that you’ve been following for years, or newly discovered, is quietly celebrating twenty-five years in the industry.
liquid air energy storage

JCG invests $13m in liquid air long-duration energy storage

An African-founded conglomerate, Janus Continental Group (JCG), announced its investment of $13 million in a UK developer of liquid air long-duration energy storage systems, Highview Enterprises.
Africa Renewable energy sustainability and inclusive development

White paper: SSA’s electricity generation forecast to 2040

SSA’s generation mix is remarkably undiversified, with most economies generating the bulk of their electricity through three or fewer sources, states Frost & Sullivan.
virtual power plants

Green hydrogen provides clean energy but it’s costly

A new report reveals that extending the use of green hydrogen to residential heating and road transport sectors risks supersizing the energy infrastructure.
fossil fuels

Fossil fuel’s market decline: Fact or fiction?

The African Development Bank announced its intention to back coal-fired projects in Nigeria, Kenya and Senegal in bids to balance Africa's energy mix.