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Nigeria: Data centre market is growing

Arizton Advisory and Intelligence’s report into the Nigeria data centre market suggests the market size is expected to grow a compound annual growth rate of more than 17% over the period 2020 to 2026.
Lucy Electric products

Lucy Electric provides loadshedding solutions in South Africa

Working with a local partner, Lucy Electric South Africa supplies ring main units to handle the change over to a backup generator when the utility supply drops out.
lighting regulations

Caterpillar introduces diesel generator sets the global market

The generators can be equipped with remote asset monitoring to provide data visualisation,and alerts that are globally accessible through an easy-to-use web interface.
power generators

Analysis of why the power generators market lags in Africa

In developing Africa, industries do not need large yet affordable power generators alone, but generators that are reliable and portable. If accurately tapped, the market offers opportunities for generator manufacturers and end-users alike.

Blue World Technologies and Clayton Power unite on methane tech

Blue World Technologies and Clayton Power have joined forces to develop a small-scale mobile methanol fuel cell solution for stationary and auxiliary power in the 5 to 15-kilowatt power range.

Customised genset to meet platinum mine’s energy needs

Zest WEG is constructing a large diesel powered genset to be delivered later this year a South African platinum mine.
dry type reactors

Dry type reactor from Trafo saves power for SA bank

Installation of a fit-for-purpose design for a replacement dry type reactor for a major banking company’s backup power generating system.
finance gensets

Innovative finance model makes gensets pay for themselves

SustainPower launched its range of PRAMAC rich-burn industrial standby gas generators, made by world-leading generator manufacturer Generac.
A short guide to South Africa's energy sector for consumers

South Africa seeks to boost grid system with dispatchable power

South Africa has been experiencing power supply issues and is now looking into available options including dispatchable power to boost the grid.
Aggreko has provided Sococim Industries in Senegal with gas generated energy

Driving manufacturing efficiency through gas-generated energy

Industries around the world are looking for ways to supplement their energy supply to ensure they can continue operating should the country’s grid go down.