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About African Utilities Telecom Council (AUTC)

The Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) is a global trade association dedicated to creating a favorable business, regulatory, and technological environment for companies that own, manage, or provide critical telecommunications systems in support of their...

5G uptake: Five questions African utilities must explore

The vision of 5G is that users will have the impression of continuous connectivity with unlimited bandwidth everywhere. This is the culmination of four decades of technological progress in mobile communications and one which will find its...

Utilities, telecoms and ICT: ‘mutually exclusive’

In conversation with Mlungisi Mkhwanazi, the Director of the Africa Utilities Technology Council (AUTC), he reveals that the changing playing field in the ICT space is motivating utilities to examine the benefits of keeping...

Pairing existing telecom infrastructure with AMI

For electricity and gas utilities, the adoption of smart meters and AMI has been largely driven by regulatory efforts to enable a carbon-free energy system.

ICT, the driving force behind smart communities’ global growth

In conversation with Utilities Technology Council's chairman Roger Bryant and vice president Bobbi Harris, ESI Africa delved into the topic of smart communities and what it means for African communities. Explaining the reason behind the...
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How to keep utility smart technology uptake relevant

Utility telecoms tend to take a lead from supervisory apparatus deployed in power stations and substations, whilst the commercial ICT world moves swiftly to meet the ever-growing demands of the consumer. This dynamic is...

MAPs and discos can solve the metering gap

Dr Jamil Gwamna, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kano Electricity Distribution Company, thinks that the solutions to customer metering challenges in the Nigerian electricity supply industry are close at hand.
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Utility automation and control – it’s not your daddy’s SCADA

With the evolution of Africa’s electricity industry, utilities are adding more smart devices and automation to make smarter decisions, writes Mlungisi Mkhwanazi, Director of Africa Utilities Technology Council. Applications for smart devices, renewable energy, distribution...

AUTC Interview with Mlungisi Mkhwanazi

Exclusive interview with Mlungisi Mkhwanazi, Director of the Africa Utilities Technology Council (AUTC), a returning industry partner of African Utility Week in Cape Town in May. The AUTC will also present a strategic conference...
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Telecoms operators targeted for irregularities

A review by Xalam Analytics, of around 50 procedures of sanctions against telecoms operators across 20 African markets, shows that the number of fine procedures has increased. Fines imposed on African telecoms operators are skyrocketing,...