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Impact of rooftop solar PV outstripping demand in South Australia

Local customer load demand on South Australia's grid was exceeded by the combined output of rooftop solar PV and other non-scheduled generators on Sunday 21 November.
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Tasmania blueprint for countries forging ahead with green energy plans

Tasmania becoming self-sufficient in renewables puts it in an elite position, currently shared by few other countries or regions.
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Solar meets South Australia’s total energy demand for first time

Australia hit a renewable energy milestone early in October when solar power provided 100% of South Australia’s energy needs for a whole hour.
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Op-ed: Australia is heading towards clean energy

Clean Energy Regulator recommends 6.3GW of solar and wind energy equal to four coal plants will be installed across Australia over this year.
Aggreko installs hybrid power system at Granny Smith gold mine

Aggreko installs hybrid power system at Granny Smith gold mine

Aggreko worked with Gold Fieldsfor the installation of renewable energy microgrids at the Granny Smith gold mine in Western Australia.
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Introducing a smart hydropower plant that listens for problems

Global technology company Voith and Australian energy provider Snowy Hydro are collaborating to create a smart hydropower plant that will listen to identify problems before they happen. Their collaboration is focussing on the installation of...
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Amazon announces utility-scale solar projects in China, Australia and US

Amazon announced five renewable energy projects in China, Australia and the US that further support their commitment to reach 80% renewable energy by 2024.
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Australia to build a world-first solar hydropower plant

The Australian Renewable Agency will invest $3m in a technical and commercial feasibility study for a 4MW 'solar hydro' power plant.

Morning coffee with ESI Africa – Solar cells need more sunlight

Are you concerned about the productivity of your solar modules? Watch the short video to find out about R&D into solar cells that could be the answer.

Research: Tandem solar cells could replace silicon solar cells

Australian National University is working on developing ‘tandem solar cells’, which involves stacking a perovskite solar cell on top of a silicon cell.