Amazon announces utility-scale solar projects in China, Australia and US

Amazon announced five renewable energy projects in China, Australia and the US that further support their commitment to reach 80% renewable energy by 2024.

Australia to build a world-first solar hydropower plant

The Australian Renewable Agency will invest $3m in a technical and commercial feasibility study for a 4MW 'solar hydro' power plant.

Morning coffee with ESI Africa – Solar cells need more sunlight

Are you concerned about the productivity of your solar modules? Watch the short video to find out about R&D into solar cells that could be the answer.

Research: Tandem solar cells could replace silicon solar cells

Australian National University is working on developing ‘tandem solar cells’, which involves stacking a perovskite solar cell on top of a silicon cell.

BMW Group secures raw material supplies for battery cells

BMW Group and China-based firm Ganfeng Lithium have signed a five-year supply contract for the lithium needed as a key raw material for battery cells.

Italy: Utility employs advanced digital tech to optimise client services

An Australian energy technology company, Power Ledger, has secured a contract with one of Italy’s largest renewable electricity utilities Alperia SpA.
power mining

Key renewable energy trends have proven to power mining

In Australia, major hybrid microgrids powered by solar, wind and batteries in remote locations are being rolled out to power mining sites.

Australia’s largest hybrid microgrid project completes Stage 1

juwi Renewable Energy, the Australia subsidiary of international project developer juwi, has completed the first Stage of the 23MW hybrid power station, which will be Australia's largest once completed.
virtual power plants

Virtual power plants in South Australia set to knock down tariffs

Partnership with an energy trading software firm creates virtual power plants for South Australian households, giving unprecedented control over energy use.

Australia: DeGrussa solar project wins environmental award

The Sandfire DeGrussa Hybrid Project in Western Australia, has won the 2019 Golden Gecko Award for Environmental Excellence.

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