Predictions 2021: Part five, more financial flows for clean energy

Predictions 2021: Part five, more financial flows for clean energy

In his predictions for 2021, Daniel Kitwa, Energy Access Finance Advisor at Africa Minigrid Developers Association, anticipates more financial flows for clean energy.
African Power & Energy Elites 2021

Africa’s resilient energy sector celebrated in latest African Power & Energy...

“The timing is perfect for utilities to embrace the shift to digital”

Scaling mini-grids can support energy access in Africa

Regulation is currently the largest barrier to scale: without radical improvement in the regulatory process it will take 140 years for regulators to approve the 140,000 minigrids needed to reach universal electrification, says the COO of AMDA, Jessica Stephens.

DAUW-PGAF highlights the beginning of demand-side revolution

The demand-side revolution has begun. This was the key message at a fast-paced talk entitled “Building resilient incomes to ensure sustainable business models” on the second day of Digital Africa Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa.

Webinar recording: The African minigrid market: Progress and obstacles

Digital dialogue with the AMDA on the existential barriers for minigrid development and the practical ways to overcome them.
Minigrid report

Minigrid flagship report benchmarks Africa’s industry performance

New data confirms distributed energy minigrids to be the most reliable, affordable option for African governments seeking effective rural electrification and improved livelihoods, but lengthy and unpredictable approvals stymie growth

East Africa: Home of the mini-grid revolution

In this exclusive interview with Aaron Leopold, CEO of the Africa Mini-grid Developers Association (AMDA), highlights that mini-grid companies are providing the power and have the difficult task of fitting a square peg into a round hole.

“Mini-grids can electrify thousands of health centres in sub-Saharan Africa”

AMDA's CEO explains why mini-grid companies are "like the Amazons and Teslas of the energy sector", figuring out how to create 600-million new customers.

Kenya launches new platform to accelerate mini-grid industry

The Africa Mini-grid Developers Association (AMDA) today announced its official establishment, aiming to combine private sector innovation, efficiency, and customer service with public sector support...

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