Power outages water shortages

Power outages and water shortages highlight urgent need for reform

Countries in North Africa and the Middle East need urgent reform in their power and water sectors. Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria have seen an upsurge in protests to power outages, water shortages or in some cases, both.
Municipalities given the green light to procure power from IPPs

Algeria set to launch a call for tenders for renewable energy...

The government of Algeria is preparing to launch a call for tenders for independent power producers (IPPs). The aim of this call for expressions of interest is to select companies to produce 1,000MW of renewable energy.
renewable energy

Two African countries outpace global wind and solar average

A new report indicates that Morocco and Kenya are the clear renewable energy leaders in Africa, while almost a tenth of worldwide electricity was generated by wind and solar in 2020.

RES4Africa’s survey analyses investment risk in renewable energy

RES4Africa Foundation released a new survey Assessing Investment Risk in Renewable Energy, the survey analyses investors’ views concerning risks and barriers in 7 North-African countries.
Short-term analysis of the global gas market amid COVID-19

Forum for gas exporting countries reviews market position

This year’s gas exporting countries forum assessed the dynamics in the natural gas industry's numerous challenges and declines in revenue.
Ghana wind plans

New analysis shows onshore wind energy potential can power Africa

Developing Africa’s huge onshore wind energy potential can boost its transition to affordable and reliable clean energy.
Algeria solar

Algeria announces 4GW plan to grow solar capacity ten-fold by 2025

Algeria plans to grow its solar generation almost ten-fold to support increasing domestic demand while boosting its position as an energy exporter.
net zero by 2050

Desertec project to welcome Algeria to its renewable energy mission

The Desertec project aims to advance a multitude of solar, wind, hydro and biomass power plants around the Sahara, the world’s largest desert.
Temane initiative on course to boost Mozambique’s energy security

Algeria seeks to resume its dominance in the gas market

With the appointment of Toufik Hakkar as the new head of state-owned energy firm Sonatrach, Algeria seeks to attract investors once again to its gas market.

Nuclear build planned for Algeria before 2029

Algerian Energy Minister Youcef Yousfi said on Sunday that his country is set to run the first nuclear power plant before 2029, the local...

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