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distributed energy

Rural energy holds an untapped jobs engine

William Brent is a leader at Power for All, writes about the potential of distributed energy in creating the much needed jobs in rural communities.
innovative solar subsidy

AfDB injects R3bn in South Africa’s solar-based power project

The AfDB has approved a senior loan of R3 billion towards a solar-based power project, the 100MW Redstone concentrated solar power project.

AfDB joins forces with Masen to roll out Desert to Power...

AfDB and Masen recently signed a letter of intent endorsing their new cooperation under the Desert to Power programme.

Korea to share its technology with Africa

Korean President Moon Jae-in has committed to sharing Korea’s technological and industrial experience with Africa and to help it compete in the 4th Industrial...

How is Africa mitigating climate risks | experts gauge

“Africa contributes no more than 2-3% of greenhouse gas emissions, but suffers disproportionately from the negative impacts of climate change,” stated the President of...
Odzani-Mini Hydroelectric

Tanzania appeals to AfDB to finance Stiegler’s Gorge hydropower plant

While thanking the AfDB for financing developmennt projects in Tanzania, President John Pombe Magufuli also urged the bank to finance a 2,100MW hydroelectric plant at Stiegler’s Gorge.
tidal energy

Africa: Building an industry-led research institution

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the African Institute of Mathematics and Sciences (AIMS) have initiated a landmark relationship aimed at building an industry-led...

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