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Ed’s note: Predicting the future using ones and zeros

There is a language that has become a valuable skill to have on your résumé. It's not Spanish, Russian or Mandarin—but it is very useful in commercial and public domains.

Recording: Iris Automation and drone technology

Informative conversation on safety avionics technology, Detect-and-Avoid systems and aviation policy services for commercial drones.
Risk manager of the future in the digital age

Challenges faced by risk managers in the digital age

Is there a learning map, guide or curriculum that a risk practitioner can follow to help transform him/her into being a digital risk manager?

Op-Ed: What is the next stop for the Internet of Things?

The rise of the Artificial Intelligence of the Internet of Things present new business opportunities. But what is the impact of an AI-enabled IoT in future?
offshore wind farm development

Global offshore wind turbine market to realise 22.5% growth

A new report on the global offshore wind turbine market released by Frost & Sullivan anticipates a growth of 22.5% for this sector between 2018 and 2025.
Virtual reality

Virtual reality, a game changer in training power professionals

Thematic Research: Virtual Reality in Power report highlights that virtual reality training could bring new value to the power industry.
drones water security

Toshiba develops tech to ease inspection in high inaccessible places

Toshiba Corporation and ESS have developed a drone-based inspection technology for complex industrial facilities, such as power plants.

ENGIE partnership unveils AI-powered solution—‘Smart Institutions’

ENGIE in partnership with software provider C3.ai have launched Smart Institutions an AI-powered holistic energy-as-a-service software solution for large institutions.
intelligent utility

The intelligent utility of the future serves the needs of communities

The intelligent utility of the future makes power generation, distribution, and management more responsive to the needs of the communities it serves.

Op-Ed: Is AI the answer your business has been looking for?

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) is currently trending as a revolutionary new technology that will change the face of business forever.