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Nigeria: Where solar power meets agricultural markets

The agribusiness sector is constantly innovating, constantly doing things that will improve it, make it better, and solar drying systems are just the beginning states Habiba Ali from Sosai in Nigeria.
food security

Ethiopia: Exploring opportunities for electrification in agriculture

A recent RMI report explores the electrifying of agriculture in Ethiopia to empower livelihoods through productive use of energy with clean power.
Chilling Prospects 2021

Chilling Prospects 2021: report tracks access to cooling issues

The Chilling Prospects 2021 report produced by SE4ALL reveals that while solutions are being piloted in different, global cooling access risks are on the rise.

Africa offers opportunities for green growth in post-COVID-19 recovery

Africa’s recovery pathway offers enormous opportunities, African Development Bank head said at the European Union-Africa Green Investment Forum.

Commentary: Invest in Africa’s engineers to address the world’s climate crisis

Amplifying African-based engineering expertise is critical to improving the wider world’s defences against the increasing threat of climate change.
sustainability trends

Eight sustainability trends shaping business in 2021

WWF South Africa has identified eight sustainability trends for businesses to watch and focus on in 2021, including energy and climate, circular economy and smart water.

Ed’s note: Offgrid but solar-empowered to irrigate agricultural activities

Imagine the increased farming yields in sub-Saharan Africa where everyone has access to powered irrigation, cooling, refrigeration and agro-processing.

Webinar recording: Solar-powered water solutions for sustainable agriculture in SSA

Guest experts will spotlight how SSA countries can simultaneously work towards agricultural development, gainful employment, rural poverty reduction and the sustainable management of natural resources, especially water.
trade hub

USAID West Africa Trade Hub encourages growth in strategic sectors

Request for Expressions of Interest in private sector grants of between $100,000 and $500,000 in Cabo Verde co-investment programme is underway. Deadline for submission is 31 March 2021.
food security

4 motivating factors to nourish your business plan in 2021

Four stories concerning the influence of how addressing food security also lend itself to increasing energy access and stimulating economies.