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Session 27 Oct: Digital Equity: Ensuring that digital advances are equitable and just

Connectivity is crucial to modern lifestyles and for digital equity to be realised, all stakeholders need to look beyond just hardware.
Smarter Mobility Africa 2021

Highlight from Smarter Mobility Africa Digital Event – Day 3

Tune in for the final digital day covering up-to-date information from the experts on trending topics addressing smarter mobility in Africa.
augmented reality

Augmented reality meets how things are at electric utilities

Utilities believe now is the time to get ahead of the demand and determine when and how to use augmented reality in real-time work situations and for training.
engineering training

How to improve engineering training in the face of 4IR advances

The 4IR is disrupting every industry and profession, engineering included. The solution is to renew the education and training ecosystem.

Ed’s note: Predicting the future using ones and zeros

There is a language that has become a valuable skill to have on your résumé. It's not Spanish, Russian or Mandarin—but it is very useful in commercial and public domains.

Energy efficiency is imperative for 5G networks efficacy – report

Estimates suggest 5G networks can be up to 90% more efficient per traffic unit than their 4G predecessors but requires more energy.

Webinar recording: Grid at the edge of the storm

By making data-driven decisions in advance of severe weather events, utilities can improve the mobilisation of resources to the affected areas.

Op-ed: Future energy systems need clear AI boundaries

Commercial uses of AI have expanded steadily in recent years across finance, healthcare, education and other sectors. Energy systems need AI, too.
Electricity 4.0 where digital and electric converge

Op-ed: Hackers targeting IoT devices in manufacturing companies

Cyberattacks on IoT devices are increasing at an unprecedented pace, leaving manufacturing companies vulnerable and at risk of hackers.
satellite imagery

Satellite imagery to make electricity consumption forecasting easier

Freely available tool uses satellite imagery to provide estimates of future electricity consumption at a high spatial resolution and combines historic and big data source.