Industry and transport can reach zero emissions with renewables

IRENA: Industry and transport can reach zero emissions with renewables

Renewable energy holds the key to most of the options available to reach zero emissions in industry and transport. This is according to IRENA’s new report Reaching Zero with Renewables: Eliminating CO2 emissions from industry and transport in line with the 1.5⁰C climate goal.
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Why solar PV is leading the global renewables jobs market

IRENA's annual report on renewables jobs reveals solar PV as the leader with some 3.8 million jobs, followed by biofuels with 2.5 million.
Standard Bank partnership closes sustainability-linked loan

IRENA signs partnership to promote sustainable finance in UAE

IRENA has signed an agreement with the Abu Dhabi Global Market as commitment to progressing sustainable finance across the UAE and the wider region.

IRENA urges governments to align economic stimulus with sustainability

Governments can align immediate economic stimulus needs with medium to long-term decarbonisation and sustainable development objectives by targeting policy measures.
Weaknesses of wind and solar

Small island states share plans to accelerate energy transition

The Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States and IRENA, co-hosted a Dialogue on accelerating energy transition post pandemic recovery.
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Cost factor: Coal-fired power 0, renewable energy 1, finds IRENA

Examining the cost factor, the same amount of money invested in renewable power today produces more new capacity than it would have a decade ago.
West Africa

West Africa: Hydro to support solar and wind in smart renewable...

The Smart Renewable Electricity Portfolios in West Africa study explores hydropower's support of intermittent solar and wind in a climate-friendly manner.
Weaknesses of wind and solar

Global efforts remain insufficient to reach SDG 7 goal by 2030

Despite accelerated progress over the past decade, the world will fall short in achieving SDG 7 by 2030 unless efforts are scaled up significantly.
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Africa’s energy potential can create opportunities amidst COVID-19

The African Union Commission (AUC) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) say that the energy potential in Africa can turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity for the continent and its population.
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Joint efforts to develop sustainable energy for Asia-Pacific

ESCAP and IRENA will work together to improve access to sustainable energy, bolstering the Asia-Pacific region’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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