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2021- Smart Cities Focus

Smart Cities Focus 2021

Intelligent living spaces are on the rise in Africa’s major cities. As such, we delve into what they look like, the solutions needed to manage them and the importance of not leaving anyone behind....
digitalisation last mile

Breaking barriers in digitalisation of the last mile

Digital solutions have become an integral part of the Last Mile Distributors (LMD) sector. They hold tremendous potential to increase efficiencies when operating at scale but face several barriers for which solutions are at hand.

Six pillars to support our journey to Wakanda

Africa must start to have consistent engagement with necessary technologies, funding models and policy to realise the opportunities that come with smart cities.
smart cities

David Olatunji, Africa’s champion for smart cities

Are you of the ilk who believe that smart cities in Africa are a pipedream? Read the interview with the President and Founder of the African Smart Cities Innovation Foundation to change your view.
modern cities

The skyline of three modern cities

New city developments in Africa have been a point of interest recently: what they look like, the thinking around them, and who would live there. We spotlight three smart cities in Africa and some of their key features.