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2021 – Issue 2

ESI Africa Edition 2 2021

This issue has a strong focus on metering in West Africa and generation across the continent, including pumped storage, nuclear, geothermal and hydrogen. Articles also consider the impact of ESG and technical due diligence....
due diligence

Your guide to technical due diligence

This article by Harmattan Renewables is a comprehensive guide to help you overcome the due diligence hurdle for renewable energy projects.

Impacts of E, S and G on the energy landscape

An article covering the overall views from participants from an Energy Council session that undertook to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) in the energy sector.

Teaming up to grow smarter mobility

At the forefront of change is the need for government to work in partnership with the private sector and other drivers of smart mobility.
pumped storage battery

Pumped storage: The ideal clean, green battery

Pumped storage hydropower, known as ‘the world’s water battery’, is the most critical component in accommodating the intermittent nature and seasonality of renewable energy technologies – yet it is often ignored.

Efforts to cool buildings in Burkina Faso

A three-year project by GGGI willthe government and local partners reduce GHG emissions from the building sector by increasing access to residential cooling solutions.

Rising to the challenge – Initiate

The 2021 Initiate Young Talent Challenge winner, Kingley Akpeji, is a University of Cape Town postgraduate student in the Electrical Engineering Department. ESI Africa spoke to him about his winning project.
digitalisation last mile

Breaking barriers in digitalisation of the last mile

Digital solutions have become an integral part of the Last Mile Distributors (LMD) sector. They hold tremendous potential to increase efficiencies when operating at scale but face several barriers for which solutions are at hand.
nuclear power

Is nuclear relevant to an African power build programme?

Tim Yeo, chairman of the New Nuclear Watch Institute, unpacks the relevance of nuclear power build to an African country’s energy infrastructure plan.
geothermal rift

How to expedite geothermal in the Rift

Building on an analysis of experiences from Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, it is possible to draw lessons and recommendations to accelerate the deployment of geothermal energy for electricity generation and direct use.

Six pillars to support our journey to Wakanda

Africa must start to have consistent engagement with necessary technologies, funding models and policy to realise the opportunities that come with smart cities.