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2021 – Issue 1

ESI Africa Edition 1 2021

With fossil fuels supporting much of Africa’s baseload capacity, in this edition of ESI Africa, we look at the question of coal in the energy transition, the gas supply in Senegal and renewed interest...

A splash of triumphs – editor’s column

The journal that you’ve been following for years, or newly discovered, is quietly celebrating twenty-five years in the industry.

Fuel flexible gas turbines as enablers for decarbonisation in South Africa

Nosizwe Dlengezele, regional sales executive at GE Gas Power, shares her insights into best practices using gas alongside other technologies as a low-cost power-on-demand solution to address the carbon emission factor.
smart meter adoption

Why smart meter adoption in Africa lacks cohesion

In response to the challenges of non-technical losses, strategic revenue collection methods such as the deployment of smart meters has risen. But has adoption been successful?
smart metering self-consumption

The connection between smart meters and self-consumption

This article presents a combination of smart metering and smart charging to help local energy communities increase self-consumption and achieve economic benefits.
Oghosa Erhahon women in energy

OGHOSA ERHAHON: Less funding, no problem! Just be prepared

We caught up with Nigerian-based Oghosa Erhahon to find out more about her belief in volunteering, the meaning of digitalisation. and changes in funding the African energy and power market in the years ahead.

The impact of Industry 4.0 on engineering training and practices

The fusion of technologies has characterised the digital revolution, often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, which is expected to impact industries and economies and fundamentally alter the way we live.
clean transportation

Clean transportation needs smart grids

The number of electric vehicles in Africa has the potential to increase significantly by 2030. The challenge, however, is in charging infrastructure, powered by renewable grid-tied or off-grid solutions, keeping pace with market interest.
power generators

Analysis of why the power generators market lags in Africa

In developing Africa, industries do not need large yet affordable power generators alone, but generators that are reliable and portable. If accurately tapped, the market offers opportunities for generator manufacturers and end-users alike.

Hydropower: “It’s plug and play”

“It was half a megawatt, the first containerised hydropower plant in Africa, and it’s running well. We’ve just been thrilled about the many lessons we learned with the first project,” states Dan Klinck giving an update on EAP's Rubagabaga hydro project.

Unlock fit-for-purpose metering solutions

With service delivery being the ultimate goal of utilities and municipalities, finding the best fit-for-purpose metering solutions will ultimately grow revenue and improve service delivery.