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2021 – Enlit Africa Focus

Enlit Africa Focus 2021

As the official host publication to Enlit Africa, it is our honour to showcase messages from advisory board members who have become our friends over the years. In our cover feature for this Focus,...

Hydropower: “It’s plug and play”

“It was half a megawatt, the first containerised hydropower plant in Africa, and it’s running well. We’ve just been thrilled about the many lessons we learned with the first project,” states Dan Klinck giving an update on EAP's Rubagabaga hydro project.

Unlock fit-for-purpose metering solutions

With service delivery being the ultimate goal of utilities and municipalities, finding the best fit-for-purpose metering solutions will ultimately grow revenue and improve service delivery.
power generation

Meeting the challenges of new power generation: Decarbonise, decentralise and digitise

How easily can small and decentralised renewable energy sources be integrated seamlessly into the network to replace fossil fuel-based generation?
talent innovation Africa

Initiate! accelerates talent in Africa’s innovation eco-system

As utilities modernise so too comes the opportunity for the next generation of tech and young talent to play a role in facilitating innovation and change in Africa.
Kaizen energy

Applying Kaizen to the energy space

How can Kaizen, the Sino-Japanese word for improvement, be applied more rigorously and more effectively throughout the power and energy industry?
Nigeria agribusiness

Nigeria: Where solar power meets agricultural markets

The agribusiness sector is constantly innovating, constantly doing things that will improve it, make it better, and solar drying systems are just the beginning states Habiba Ali from Sosai in Nigeria.
Africa energy and power sector

A snapshot of Africa’s energy and power sector

Is this assessment of Africa's energy and power sector realistic, and more importantly, how has it changed over the past 25 years?
Africa's energy

Africa’s energy tales in a post-COVID-19 world

In 2020, the story of Africa’s energy progress took a turn for the worse and without concerted effort, this tale could have a surprising twist where cross-sectorial policies and investment play leading characters.